Everybody needs toilet paper

I write lots of notes to myself. I capture fleeting thoughts that make an impression on me on whatever is nearest: note paper, journal, receipts, my phone… everything. Often, I then forget about them. The one thing I do consistently is I date them. I will come across random thoughts that are years old from time and time. Today I came across a note on which I scribbled this one-liner a couple of years ago:

everybody needs toilet paper

To be honest, I haven’t a clue what I was thinking when I wrote this. I do know that I chuckled when I read it today. I chuckled because, today, when I read it, I understood that we are all human. Just, so human. That the fanciest trappings of wealth or the most humble of existences all have humanity in common. That there is a space and moment in which we are all the same… from the broken toilet in a Zimbabwean boarding school to the Pope’s gold toilet.

What a freeing thought… *chuckles*

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