Introducing the Maven Mail – Throwingclay.Org’s E-mail Newsletter

I have been quiet because I have been working hard on growing my skill set as it relates to my passions. One of those skill sets has come to maturity.

I have a driving need to share the ideas that move me from the books I read. I also read a lot of books. To keep me sane, Throwingclay.Org has expanded to include a short, weekly, newsletter sharing an idea from a book, a podcast episode recommendation, a philosophical morsel for the brain to chew on, and a thought on money. The latter because we are realists right.

If you are an email subscriber to the blog, you will be automatically added to the mailing list. If you do not wish to be subscribed, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the page in any newsletter you receive.

The newsletter is called Maven Mail. A name I absolutely love. It will tell you why.

Let’s throw some clay and have some fun.

I almost forgot… it launches tomorrow. Yay!


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