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Connecting you with little conveniences that make a big difference.

In my earlier days as a working mum, I remember getting to work in a foggy, sleep-deprived haze because my 6 month-old son was teething. I was prepping for what would be a difficult board meeting with barely a few minutes to spare when my breastmilk leaked through my blouse because in my exhaustion, I forgot to put on breast pads. As I barely held back tears while trying to wash my blouse in the office bathroom, I remember thinking, I wish there was someone I could call to just bring me a blouse. That is how the Lifestyle Concierge concept was born. It is also why I keep breast pads in my office. Just so I can close the gap for someone else.

Throwing Clay’s entire purpose is to make your life a little easier. One way in which it does that is to connect you with the little conveniences that could save you some precious time and to connect small, reliable businesses with potential customers.

You don’t know the true value of the freedom the use of your hands offers you until you have a newborn. Ever tried to shimmy out of leggings so you can pee…but you are holding a baby? Or desperately need to make yourself a sandwich….but you are holding a baby? You need a baby carrier that you can safely put a baby in from day 1 so you can pee and make sandwiches? We know an amazing woman-owned business called Ubuntubaba that makes a stage 1 carrier. Find them here .

Need a custom tutu for your daughter? We know an amazing woman-owned business called Tutucuteza that supplies stunning tutus to order. Find them here.

You need easy-to-clean paint for your toddler? We know a place.

Need beautiful hoodies with ethnic designs for the kids? Even better, need matching ones because you are shamelessly extra like us? We know someone, Find her here.

Need a chef to cook your 7 colour Sunday Kos and deliver it to your house? It’s homecooked. They never said it had to be your home right? We know someone for that too; a Street Chef named Ms K. Find her here or here. She is as colourful as she sounds.

You have an emergency and you need a helper/nanny? We know a few reliable ones.

We would list all of the things we know but we know a lot of people and a lot of things so it is so much more efficient to respond to a specific request with exactly the solution you need.

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