Baby, Come Home

My darling babies, Jump from our little nest and fly. Only and always remember one thing. You can come home from anyone, anywhere and anything. You can always come home. Chio (c), 2022

Red Flag

Red flag? What red flag? The one flapping in front of my face? Oh, I see. I see how you could be confused. It’s where you are standing. If you move right to where I am, you’ll see. You’ll see that it’s more cherry than red. In the right light, it’s almost fuschia. I will…

Let me touch you

Let me touch you, he said. Of course, I replied. Tickle me between my ears first. Draw a laugh from my belly, and you can touch me anywhere. Chio (c), 2022


If you raise your daughterto be the woman you tried to make your daughter-in-law,would you be proud? Chio (c), 2022


Sometimes the words rattle around loudly in my head. They are in no particular order. Just many. I’m overwhelmed. They want me to write them. How can I, when I can’t follow or keep up sometimes? I’m confused. What do you want me to say? I’m frustrated. If you won’t be clear, be quiet. I…