The Battle for Softness

Everyone experiences life in their own way. Everyone responds in their own way. I was born tender and soft-spoken. I was born considerate and loving. I was raised eager to please with a belief in fairness. Life is beautiful but she is neither easy nor fair. She battered me left and right. She demanded that…

Come on into the Boardroom. Take a Seat at the Table

How many times have you walked into a meeting you are meant to be in and immediately removed yourself to a corner. How many times have you felt apologetic about your achievements? How many have you answered “what do you do” with a self-deprecating watered down version of what you actually do? How many times have sat “out of the way” in a meeting room? How many times have you avoided small talk with other participants before, during and after the meeting? How many times have you left a meeting thinking “I really should have said something about that” because I know the answer. How many times has an opportunity been floating there and you waited for someone to hand it to you directly? Have you ever wondered why? An awareness of the behaviour that has been reinforced in you as lady-like for years plays a powerful part in opening your eyes to the subconscious ways in which you may be holding yourself back. Just that… awareness.